Competence team

Milernas Future-Proof Competence Team


Milernas Future-Proof Competence Team (FCt) offers competence management, development and advice. We have a clear insight in the learning content and trainings that are relevant for your sector.

As a plug-in solution, the FCt provides a quick and effective implementation of competence management.

Our competence team works over company and sector boundaries, always professional, confidential and according to a strict ethical code.

Who is part of an FCt?

The Learning & Development Lead (LDL) works in close collaboration with your leadership team. He identifies, develops and manages the competences your company needs to be future-proof.


The Talent Counselling & Acquisition Lead (TCAL) offers advice and guidance to employees during the Competence Programmes. If required competences cannot be developed by your current employees, the TCAL can attract talent from outside.


The Adoption & Change Lead (ACL) ensures that your employees develop the right competences to use the digital tools in your company in a way that boosts optimization and innovation.


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