Competence programmes

Focus on roles


At Milernas, we focus on roles. A role is a cluster of functions with a similar content (e.g. functional analyst). Every role requires a specific set of competences (which can change as the corporate environment evolves).

These competences can be one of the following:

  • Hard skills: technical knowledge
  • Soft skills: human thinking and behaviour
  • Knowledge of business context (trends, evolutions, risks, etc.)

3 types of Competence Programmes


During our competence programmes, you develop or update the required competences for a specific role in a specific business context.

Milernas takes on the role of aggregator: we activate the right players in our vast network of trainers and training centres.

We offer 3 types of programmes with a fixed number of learning moments. These learning moments can vary from theoretical classes, online courses and practical workshops to the elaboration of real-life situations.


For people who take on a new role in a new business context. Typical for e.g. new recruits.



For people who want to expand or update their knowledge within their current role. This way you remain relevant for future assignments.



For people who change roles or business context. You take some knowledge with you, but you will also have to acquire new knowledge.


Why choose our programmes?


Lifelong learning as a ready-to-use solution. Quick and flexible. With a holistic view on competences, we ensure an integrated approach from day one.

Easy Integration

Our learning moments are spread over 8 quarters. Easy to integrate in your daily operations. With sufficient time to put the acquired knowledge into practise.


Every quarter, we adapt the content of our learning moments to the feedback from companies and employees. Also innovations in underlying technology are continuously integrated in our trainings.

Spread cost

The total price of a Milernas Competence Programme is spread over the entire duration in fixed monthly fees. This way, the cost is aligned with the productivity of your employee.

Improved Employer Branding

If you make a strong commitment to provide training and live up to it, you have a great advantage in the War for Talent. This is important for new recruitment as well as succesful retainment.

Are you interested in our competence programmes?