Competence management & development

Future-oriented thinking is indispensable in this day and age. What makes a company succesful today, will probably be insufficient or even completely irrelevant tomorrow.

The importance of competence management


In order to attract the most profitable projects in the future, your company has to determine which competences it needs to do so. These competences can be technical knowledge, human skills or insight in business context.

You will already have some of these competences in house, while others still have to be developed. The right learning programmes will put this into practise.

Retain talent in your company


Competence management and development are effective tools to retain current talent within your company. Concrete learning programmes offer your employees long-term perspective and show that you value their contribution.

Attract new talent by improved employer branding


If a required competence cannot be developed amongst your current workforce, you have to attract talent from outside.

By providing concrete, high-quality learning programmes you ensure a smooth on-boarding and make new employees feel productive from day one. This improves your reputation as an employer and hence your capacity to attract new talent.

Institutionalize competence management in your company


As the corporate playfield constantly changes, it seems only logical that competence management and development have to be continuous and flexible processes in your company.

Therefore it is indispensable to institutionalize competence management in your business DNA. You can do this with an internal competence manager or an external plug-in solution.