Future-proof competence development

We make companies and people future-proof by translating corporate strategy to structured competence policy.

We implement lifelong learning through comprehensive programmes for competence development.

We combine in-dept knowledge of business context with the necessary digital and personal skills.

Life long learning: key to future relevance

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. – Albert Einstein

In an age where business and technology are rapidly changing, lifelong learning is more important than ever. For the future success of both companies and employees.

Companies have to determine which competences they need to attract the most valuable projects in the business environment of tomorrow.

For employees, continuous learning is crucial to ensure their future relevance in the labour market.

Milernas guards your relevance


We map your competences: those you already have in house today and those you will need tomorrow. We work efficiently, structured and with a constant focus on your strategic goals.

Structured and dynamic Competence Programmes build and expand the right knowledge and skills and offer perspective to new and current employees.


An experienced Competence Team implements Learning and Development, User Adoptionand Personal Change swiftly, professionally and without hassle in your company.


A vast pool of high-quality, professional trainers and training centers unlock a valuable source of knowledge, experience and know-how.